How to add a MIDI Pattern

3 ways to add a MIDI Pattern inside a Project:




Creating an empty MIDI Pattern


  1. Create a MIDI Track for the Plugin which you want to create an empty MIDI Pattern for (or use an existing Track).
  2. Select the Pen tool (or press and hold / ctrl if the Arrow tool is selected).
  3. Click where you want the MIDI Pattern to start then drag the cursor to the right. Pattern length is determined by the location you release the click at.


Note that you can draw empty Patterns in both Edit and Arrange modes.


Editing Midi Notes

To add MIDI Notes in a Project:



Drawing Notes with the Pen tool


  1. Go to Edit Mode. by clicking the square button at the top of the clip or hitting TAB.
  2. Select the Pen tool in the tool bar (or press  / ctrl to toggle the secondary tool when the Arrow tool is selected and hold it).
  3. Click on a MIDI Pattern where you want the Note to start and drag the mouse to the right as far as you want your Note to last.



Changing the Velocity

To change the velocity of a Note:


  • Select one or several notes, then click on the Velocity knob in the Pattern footer and drag the mouse up / downward to increase / decrease the velocity.


  • Or select one or several notes, then change the velocity value with the Velocity fader in the Note Inspector.



To apply specific actions on Note Velocity:

  1. Select one or several Notes, then in the Actions drop-down menu, choose Note Velocity.


  2. In the pop-up window, choose a type of action (e.g. humanize) in the drop-down menu, then adjust the Value and click on OK.


Additional information


When turned on, Snap may prevent you from setting the exact duration or location of your Pattern elements (e.g. Notes). Read this to learn how to overcome this problem.


If you simply click with the Pen tool, without dragging the mouse, you will create a Note that has the same duration value as the latest Note you created.


The type of elements that the Pen tool draws is that of the top Pattern Layer. Read this to learn more.


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