How to add a Track

Unlike in other DAWs, a Track is not a channel strip of the Mixer.


In Ohm Studio, a Track is a horizontal lane that holds Patterns, which control the Plugin the Track is associated to.


A Plugin can have 0, 1 or more Tracks.


A Rack Header must contain at least 1 Track Header. If you delete the last Track contained in a Rack, Ohm Studio automatically creates a Track for the Volume Plugin.


When you create a new Rack by dropping a Plugin from the Plugin List onto the Gear Panel, Ohm Studio automatically creates a Track for that Plugin.



Different ways of adding a Track


  • Right-click on the Plugin in the Gear Panel and select Add Track for...

  • Select the Plugin and click on Add Track for... in the Plugin Inspector.

  • Click on the + button in the Rack Header and select the Plugin in the drop-down menu.

  • Right-click on a Track Header and select Insert Track.


Private Tracks

Private tracks are track only seen (and heard) by their creators. They have many uses:

  • record whithout feeling ashamed of playing like a cow
  • copy a rack, mute locally the original and put everything in the copy on private track to try some radical fx without driving present collaborators mad
  • put some stuff you don't want someone to delete on a private track, then mute it locally: unless the whole rack is deleted, you have a private backup
  • etc.

To create a private track, just proceed like the above but pick "Add Private Track"



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