How to copy elements

Duplicating elements with the Arrow tool


  1. Select the elements you want to duplicate.
  2. Press and hold / alt.
  3. Click on one of the selected elements and drag to where you want it to be copied.

  4. First release the mouse button, then release the / alt key.



In the Sequencing Panel, you can duplicate Patterns, Notes and Automation points.


In the Gear Panel, you can duplicate Racks and Plugins.



Additional information


You can copy ( / ctrl + C) elements you select and paste ( / ctrl + V) them at the Caret position in the Sequencing Panel.


You can select an element and press one of the 4 arrow keys while holding / alt to duplicate by one increment in the Sequencing Panel.


You can also create a Linked copy of a MIDI Pattern by holding shift while copying, according to the drag'n'drop method described above.





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