How to invite people to a project

As a Project Admin, you may invite another user to your Project as an Admin or a Contributor.



3 ways to invite someone to your Project


  • From the Chat panel
    Right-click on a user name (either from the current chatroom or from your Contact list) and select "Invite as...

  • From the Invite panel
    Click on the yellow "Invite" button (either the one from the Dashboard's inspector or the one below the "Export" button) then type in a user name and click on "Invite".

  • From a Project webpage on
    Click on the "Share" button, then enter a user name in the dedicated text field and choose a role (Admin/Contributor) from the drop-down menu before clicking on "Invite".




That user will then receive a notification message containing a clickable link allowing him/her to join the project.


Note that after inviting someone as a Contributor, you can later go to your Project's webpage and "upgrade" his/her Role to Project Admin, or you can also choose to "Kick" that user from the Project.




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