How to navigate

Scrolling horizontally / vertically


In both the Sequencing Panel and the Gear Panel, you can:

  • Use the mouse wheel (or use the vertical scrollbar) to scroll up / down.
  • Use shift + mouse wheel (or use the horizontal scrollbar) to scroll left / right.
  • Press and hold H (or select the Hand Tool in the Toolbar) then click and drag left / right/ up / down.



Horizontal Zoom in the Sequencing Panel


  • Use + shift + mouse wheel to zoom in / out at the current mouse cursor position.
  • Press J to zoom in at the current Caret position.
  • Press G to zoom out.
  • Use the horizontal + / - button.



Vertical Zoom in the Sequencing Panel


  • Use  + mouse wheel to zoom in / out at the current mouse cursor position.
  • Use the vertical + / - button.


You can also resize Tracks individually.



Toggle between Edit and Arrange mode


  • Press tab or click on the Edit button in the Timeline Header to toggle between Edit and Arrange mode.

  • In Arrange mode, double click anywhere in the Sequence to go to Edit mode.
  • In Arrange mode, click on the fit to window button in a Pattern Header, to both go to Edit mode and focus on that Pattern.

  • In Edit mode, press esc (or click on the ESC button) to go to Arrange mode.




Navigate with the Sequence Overview


Click somewhere on the Sequence Overview to jump to this part of the Sequence.


Click on the left / right boder of the yellow rectangle and drag left / right to resize it.



Toggle between Mixer and Modular view


2 ways of displaying the Gear Panel:


To switch between views, click on the button at the top right of the Gear Panel.





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