How to record MIDI

Make sure that your MIDI device is recognized by Ohm Studio


Go to your Ohm Studio Preferences and make sure that your MIDI device is in the list under the MIDI tab.


If you cannot find it although it is plugged in, you may have to restart Ohm Studio and reopen your project to see the device appear in the list.


You may have to download and install drivers specifically written for your MIDI device by its manufacturer.





  1. Create a Track for the Instrument which you want to record Notes with (or use an existing Track).
  2. In the Track Header, select your MIDI device in the MIDI Input & Monitoring drop down menu (or select All) in the drop-down menu.

  3. Click on the Arm Record button in the Track Header (or select the Track and press + R).

  4. Click somewhere in the Timeline to put the Playhead where you want to start recording.
  5. Click on the Record button in the Transport Bar or press R to enable recording.
  6. Click on the Play button in the Transport Bar or press s p a c e to start recording.

  7. Play some notes on your MIDI device.
  8. Click on the Stop button in the Transport or press s p a c e again to stop recording.




  1. Select the elements you want to quantize.
  2. Adjust the Snap value in the Timeline Header.
    In Adaptive mode, you may want to zoom in / out horizontally to get the desired spacing between the vertical lines of the Grid.

  3. Press Q to quantize selected elements to current Grid.
    You can also use keyboard shortcut shift + Q to apply 50% quantization (instead of 100%).


Humanize and other actions


You can apply other types of Action to your selection, such as humanize position or equalize durations:

  1. Click on the Actions drop-down menu in the Pattern Footer and select a target for the Action (e.g. Note Velocity...).

  2. In the pop-up window, select Quantize in the drop-down menu, adjust the Quantize value and click on OK.


Recording Midi CC events


Unlike MIDI Notes which are meant to be recorded on an Instrument Plugin Track in most cases, MIDI CC events can usually be recorded on both Instrument and Effect Plugin Tracks.


For some VST Plugins that have a MIDI learn feature, you can disable the Record Raw CC option in the MIDI Input & Monitoring drop-down menu.


This will allow you to record Parameter Automations only, which will leave you with the desired result, while recording both Automation and CC events would have possibly caused trouble.


Additional information


You can enable Preroll in your Preferences Record tab to get a count-in before Ohm Studio actually starts recording.

You can apply quantization to a selection of MIDI Notes after recording them.

You can enable the Metronome by clicking on  in the Transport Bar.



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