How to time stretch

When importing loops containing a BPM meta-data information, or audio stems from another project, you can time-stretch those samples so that they match your Ohm Studio Project tempo.



  1. Select the sample in your file browser.
  2. Drag it over an Audio Track, while pressing and holding  / alt, and finally drop it where you want it to start.

  3. In the Import Audio with Time Stretch Options... pop-up window, select Stretch to Project Tempo.

  4. In the Original BPM text field, type in the BPM of the sample you are importing.
    It is automatically filled with appropriate value when the sample contains BPM meta-data information.
    For instance, if the original sample is set to 200 bpm and the project tempo is 100 bpm, the sample will be twice slower.
  5. Press OK and wait for the stretching process to complete.




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Ohm Studio includes licensed time-stretching technology from the world-renowned IRCAM research institute in Paris, France.



IRCAM researcher : Axel Roebel, Xavier Rodet, Norbert Schnell , Geoffroy Petters
IRCAM R&D director : Hugues Vinet