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OVERVIEW: Plugins in Ohm Studio








 Frohmage Filter

 Hematohm Freq Shifter

 Minimonsta Synth
 Mobilohm Phaser

 Oddity Synth
 Ohmboyz Delay

 Ohmicide Distortion

 Ohmygod Comb Filter

 Predatohm Distortion

 Quad Frohmage Filterbank

 Ohmplug (UVI Workstation)


 Hybrit Guitar Ampsim


Plugins in Ohm Studio


Plugins appear in the bottom right frame. Depending on what version you're using, it should look roughly like this:

The Genohm's suite are exclusive Ohm Studio's build in plugins. They are the ones with the  logo.
The Ohm Force's plugins are coming from the Ohm Force shelves. They are the ones with the  logo.  Those are industry standard used by top artist. More info and access to VST/AU/RTAS versions can be found on

► You never need to bounce/freeze those plugins (unless for CPU saving) as even the free Ohm Studio version has "sound only" version of the Ohm Force plugins (can't use them, but can hear them used). 

You also have the direct link to install our partners plugins, which is highly recommanded. Not only are they very good plugins but even if you don't use them, you'll constantly reach some projects where they are used by someone. 

► Click them to install them if not already done, so others don't need to bounce them for you.


Below that list you'll find your VST plugins (assuming you've configured Ohm Studio for it). Note that they name may slightly differ from what you're used to read in other DAWs as it depends on how some fields have been handled by the maker in the vst .dll. Same goes for  or  (instrument) tag: you'll notice than some plugs have none as their makers didn't give that info to the host DAW. This may sometimes give the impression that a plugin isn't recognised by Ohm Studio but 99% of the time it's actually there. Use the search box with a part of the name to find it if your list is too long.

► VST plugins are very rarely commonly owned by two users in public project. It's recommanded to always bounce them or collab freeze them (more info here).


Depending of the plugin you'll find the documentation hosted here or in separate PDF/website. To learn how to add a plugin in a project, see here for instruments, here for FX and here for Audio Tracks.


General use



No matter what effect - each time you look at the parameter's list of a plugin in the inspector you'll see the tree above at the top. That's because Ohm Studio add them (and indeed you can even see them in the plugin's UI as well in Genohm's plugins). This may not look spectacular but it's very handy either to quickly tame an effect or boost a gain that was getting weak in the chain or to do a bypass of an effect shared by all users (as oppostie to switching an effect off which is a local action). Moreover it can be automated - so if you want to jump on the distortion pedal on the chorus, that's how you do it ;-)



Genohm's presets are loaded through the top right menu. Those are load only presets. For now you can't save your owns.

Other Ohm Force plugins have their own button to load preset withing their UI. You can load, save and morph between preset. Yes, morph ;-)

Other 3rd party plugins also have their own interface to handle presets... except a few ones. In that last case Ohm Studio doesn't offer yet DAW level preset management, but it's on our to-do list.




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