Pricing FAQ

Prices are displayed in euros. What about other currencies?

Our bank is one of the largest in Europe, so payment is secure. Basic conversion using the rate at the moment of purchase gives you the price in your currency.




Can I use Ohm Studio for free?

Yes, you can start making a thorough use of Ohm Studio after creating your account and downloading the application. However, you will be limited in a few ways:

  • You will not be allowed to participate in more than 10 different Projects.
  • You will not have access to the Ohm Force effect plugin suite, audio recording will be limited to 16 bits and audio quality will be limited at export. See here for more details.




Can subscribers make music with free users? Can those with the free Ohm Studio Application work with owners of Pro and Pro XL Application?

Yes! Nothing changes about their respective limitations.
Actually, users with the free Ohm Studio application will still be able to hear the sound processed by Plugins only available in the Pro / ProXL applications, but they won't be able to open the Graphical User Interface (GUI) for these Plugins.




Is it possible to subscribe without buying the Pro / ProXL applications or buy the Pro application as a non-subscriber?

Yes, both app- and hosting features are totally independent.




What happens if my subscription expires?

By default your subscription is automatically renewed after expiration - provided that the payment system can do it and as long as you don't choose to block auto-renewal. After your subscription expires the maximum number of projects you can participate in will be 10. If you happen to have 11 projects or more on your list, all of your projects will be unavailable until you leave enough of them to stay in the authorized limit... until you subscribe again.



Are there limitations to subscription?

Regular subscribers don't have any limitations currently. As we develop offline mode, you will given the possibility to back up your project assets locally so that you can free up 'slots' if you are running short of projects. When this is available, we may restrict the number of projects stored to minimum 200 in order to prevent possible abuses.




Can I stop my subscription?

You can choose between monthly, quarterly and annual payment for subscription. You can decide to stop at any time but it will only take effect at the end of each term - respectively one month, end of the third month, and end of the 12th month. Amounts already paid are not recoverable.




Can I sell or get refund for my subscription, pro/pro XL license or lifetime subscription?

As stated in our Terms of sale, license or account transfer is not allowed. Neither is refund, except in extraordinary cases considered as such by Ohm Force.