Shall I buy Ohm Studio?

Ohm Studio comes with generous free version that let you do everything you need to impress a label. Then there are payware and subscription (steam). Why buy it ?



I- Get World Class Audio Gear


Ohm Force has been doing plugin before Ohm Studio, and those plugins has to sell to people owning build in plugins from their DAW. As a result, you'll see on that the artist who are using our plugins are not some random studio dude but top worldwide artists, including Trent Raznor (NIN), Skrillex, Tom Rowlands (The Chemical Brothers), Marting Gore (Depeche Mode), top keyboard player (Rick Wakeman...) top producers (Jacknife Lee) (and we're still saving some here). As a result you've got more than 600€ worth of separate plugin value packed into a less than $100 DAW. If you're the kind of person to spend time on the sound processing, you can skip all the low end and work directly whith the stuff the more gear headed musicians are using. 



II- Treat yourself


Why to record in 24 bit ? The same reason you won't print an image at low resolution. Whatever the take you make, it shall not clip, so you do it at a quiet gain then boost it during the mix. As with an image scaled to a larger format, some definition will be lost in the process. That's why like with graphic you need higher definition for the audio source (ie 24 bits) than for the final mix (16 bits). Especially considering classic effects such as compression or distortion are very sensible to lack of definition.


So as long as you're recording in 16 bit, you're not doing you and the people you make music with justice. You can make great take but they will remain of limited potential regarding production.Ohm Studio Pro and Pro XL unlock that key feature for every instrument player.



III Make more music


When you come from a solo DAW, 10 projects may sound like something that can keep you busy for months.  But if you jump in our "little world", you'll quickly notice that you'll do way more music than before. Peoples bring emulation, inspiration or even just the pleasure to help on something you're good at. Believe it or not but during the beta several musician with a dayjob ended up with more than 365 project at the end of their first year... So there's a cost at starring at this 10 project ceiling for too long: all those projects you won't do because hesitating. Less learning, less fun, les tracks that make you feel good the next day, less new friends. Is it really not worth a meal in a fastfood?


IV - work with other DAWs


If you have a good stereo you'll immediately notice the difference between HQ compression and lossless export. But even if you don't, you may need at a point to export that audio track to that other DAW with this nice timewarp or pitch correction feature. If you do, you need the lossless export. That also comes with Pro & Pro XL


But is it the best DAW?



A lot of people are driven by the idea that if they buy a DAW, it has to be the best - and the only one. But what is "the best", actually? Turns out it all depend if you're into live electronica, expensive studio production, classic home studio setup etc.

One thing is known for sure, thus: two decades of non collaborative DAWs have put all the emphasis on digital features typically aimed at making it easier where your skill are lacking. That's the kind of feature that we didn't prioritize in Ohm Studio because we keeped in mind that the best music is not done as much with digital tricks than with talented peoples. In ohm studio, you don't look for a good cello sampler that you try to play the best you can like the real thing - you look after the real thing.  In that case, a real cello played by someone who knows it with a degree of intimacy you'll probably never reach in your life.  So if you work in your home studio with the occasionnal guest, have a listen to these :


Just Open Your Eyes

Comme un dimanche

Saturday Love


... and ask yourself: how close can you get to those with a solo DAW, your best sampler and whatever good willing musician friends you may have around ? On Ohm Studio those things happen on a daily basis. The point here being that people & collaboration will make a ridiculously bigger difference to the music you'll make this year than any DAW centered features. We firmly believe that people makes music more than machine does. If you agree, then you may consider that the key features of a DAW in this age of internet may actually be more on the collaborative side than you've been told so far.

(which is not to say you should not use Ohm Studio side to side with the DAW you're good at. To each DAW it's key assets! )



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