Terms of Use

Last modified: October 15, 2013


Welcome to ohmstudio.com (the "Site"). In order to validate account creation, Users of the Site ("Users") must indicate that they have read and agreed to the Terms of Use. Please read the following lines carefully.



Ohm Force


Ohm Studio ("the Service") is provided by:


Ohm Force

Graoumf SARL

110, rue du faubourg Saint-Denis

75010 Paris




Ohm Studio


The Service is comprised of:

1. the Ohm Studio application ("the Application"), an online digital audio workstation that runs on MacOS and Windows systems.

2. www.ohmstudio.com, a.k.a. Ohm Studio Web.


Terms of Use cover the Application and the Site.


You agree that both the Application and the Site may be updated at any time without prior warning.


You agree that the Terms of Use may be modified at any time.




Your Ohm Studio account


You agree that you are the only holder of your Ohm Studio account and are solely responsible for all contents generated under this name.


You agree that you are not allowed to use any other account than yours or let anyone else use your account, be it for free or against money, even for a limited time.


You agree that only one account per user is allowed and that any attempt to overcome this limitation, if proven, can result in banishment (see 'Account termination' section below).


You agree that your Ohm Studio account is designed for a "normal" usage of the Service and that you ought to comply with the underlying principles as defined in the next paragraph.


You may request closing of your account at any time (see ‘Account termination’ section below). If approved, the projects you were an Admin of will be deleted only if they have no other Admins.




Normal usage of the Service


Among others possibilities, the Service lets the account holder download and install the Application; create one or many Projects on a server (where audio and other assets are stored in); use the chat room to talk with other online Users; invite people to join the Service and create their accounts; invite Users to a Project; export part or totality of a finished song to disk or to Project Page; fill his or her profile on the Site; interact with other Users via built-in mailbox or forum.


As such, the Service is designed for:

  • Online audio/musical activity, alone or in collaboration with other Users, possibly using built-in or technically compatible third-party tools.
  • Exposure of musical material created with the Application aiming at the previous.


All of the above within the boundaries of the legal.




Forbidden usage of the Service


There are irregular ways of using the Service, including — but not limited to — the following:

  • Advertising. You are not allowed to post links promoting music unless it serves the original purposes of the Service.
  • Use of copyrighted material without permission. Make sure that you and your partners are not infringing copyright (e.g. by remixing a copyrighted song without permission or by using a cracked version of a copyrighted plugin).
  • Posting violent, racist, pornographic, disrespectful or provocative content whatever form it may take. Ohm Force will not be responsible for content created by you or your partners if they were proven to infringe rights.
  • Harassing other Users verbally or by any other means.
  • Abusive storage. You are not allowed to use your Ohm Studio Projects to store audio data for other purposes than the ones stated above.
  • Reverse-engineering. You are not allowed to translate, reverse-engineer, reverse-compile or decompile, disassemble, modify, make derivative works from the Application or use it in any way not expressly authorized by this agreement. All attempts to do so, as well as to assist someone else to do so are equally prohibited, unless specifically agreed upon by Ohm Force.




Copyright on contents of the Service


You agree that all material found in the Application or on the Site, including technology, logos, domain names and other brand features are protected by copyright and are the sole property of Ohm Force.


You agree that the Ohm Studio application provides built-in instrument- and effect plugins for internal use only, meaning that any attempt of hijacking by whatever means is strictly prohibited.


You agree that we may use suggestions or comments submitted by you in the Application or on the Site without any obligation to you.


You agree that Ohm Force and its affiliates hold a global license for hosting, storing, reproducing, editing, publishing and distributing the so-called music or project data. This is a necessary step for the Application and the Site to perform automatic operations that make the Service efficient ;




Copyright on music created using the Service


You agree that Ohm Force does not claim any right on the music you and your partners create.


You agree that Ohm Force has no responsibility in managing any form of license on artistic works created by you and your partners.


Therefore, you should reach an agreement upon ownership with your partners if you want to protect your works.


You agree that Admin rights as provided by the Service have no implication over copyright - which can be held by a User having left the project for instance.




Service rights


You agree that every User can arrange, tweak, transform any content provided by another user even if the latter decides to leave the Project or the Service.


You agree that this right for creative work does not grant any commercial right over the content.




Use of third-party content used in Ohm Studio projects


You acknowledge that you are solely responsible for the use of tools (plugins, audio loops, MIDI files, etc.) in your Ohm Studio projects.




User data privacy


You agree that the information requested by Ohm Studio to you and your operating system including — but not limited to:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • IP address
  • Log data
  • List of VST-plugins


Are solely used for providing optimal quality of the Service to you.


You agree that Ohm Force does not communicate these data to third-party services, except for enhancing the Service.


You agree that it is your responsibility not to communicate your Ohm Studio account password to anyone and take all precautionary steps (e.g. logging out after using the Service on a computer used by several persons) to keep it secret. Ohm Force will not be held responsible for any misuse resulting from account theft or corruption that possibly damages, modifies or hijacks the works of you or your partners.




Security of Project assets


You agree that all your project assets i.e. audio samples, MIDI notes, automation parameters and all other information and elements that constitute your projects are stored in servers hosted by our partner Amazon Web Services (AWS).


You agree that your project assets are secured to the extent of AWS’s reliability and that Ohm Force will not be responsible for data loss due to third-party failure.




Service availability


You agree that Ohm Force does not guarantee that the Service will be uninterrupted or error-free, nor that all features included in the Service will be available at all times.


You agree that Ohm Studio needs updating as often as Ohm Force deems it necessary for better service quality and that Users must download the latest version of the Application available online to use the Service.


You agree that, although Users’ concerns and suggestions are carefully listened to, Ohm Force has full power to eventually decide how new features will be added and existing ones modified or removed without Users’ consent.




System notifications and invitations


You agree that upon account creation until account termination Ohm Studio can send you automatic notifications to your e-mail address in some cases, such as — but not limited to:

  • Invitation by another User to be friends
  • Invitation by another User to join a project
  • Request by another User to join a project you own
  • Private Message by another User


You agree that upon account creation until account termination Ohm Studio can send you newsletters and surveys to your e-mail address.


You agree that you are solely responsible for any invitation to join Ohm Studio you send to a friend or acquaintance.


Consequently, you agree that you cannot accuse Ohm Force of spamming in any circumstance corresponding to one of the cases stated above.




Account termination


You agree that Ohm Studio may forbid access or even terminate the account of any User not abiding by the present Terms of use.


You agree that you may request account termination via the Site, which will take effect as soon as possible after definite validation by Ohm Force.


You agree that upon account termination Ohm Studio may delete all project assets associated to the account — except possibly those shared between multiple Users — and that Users have no right to request account recovery in part or in whole.