1. My sound is crackling
  2. Something that should make noise doesn't
  3. My/some VST plugins don't show
  4. Crashed
  5. Can't login
  6. Disconnected
  7. My screen is blurry
  8. I can't even install Ohm Studio on my brand new computer!

My sound is crackling

Read this.

Something that should make noise doesn't

Several possible causes:

ASIO issues

(assuming you've already been through this)

While Ohm Studio has its occasional issues with some audio interfaces (e.g. Scope series) most typical ones come from using ASIO4ALL driver. ASIO4ALL is muted if a previously opened application in Windows requested audio resources. As once muted it needs to be restarted to have try its luck again it leads to painful situations where users (that's you) can wander in a long maze of trial and error... until all of a sudden, it works for no clear reason.

We do what we can to help when we can but it's not the kind of support that can be very efficient. This situation is the same for every DAW (to the point that one of the best guide for those issues has been made by Image Line). 

Conclusion: if you don't want to buy yourself an audio interface with 24 bits recording and efficient ASIO drivers yet still want to record live midi or audio, you'd better embrace the idea of reading the ASIO4ALL troubleshooting (and even the ASIO4ALL forum if it gets tough).

Misguided tweaking

 By nature DAWs have a lot of ways to let you "cut" the sound which means you can indeed cut it by accident quite easily. Typical but not exhaustive issues:

- turning off a plugin (thinking you're turning it on)(hint: they're on by default)
- making a track with an FX without an audio track first.
- being in a "play collab freeze mode" (or worse, having the master rack on collab freeze mode).
- forgetting a solo button somewhere.
- removing the routing to the master track.
- etc etc.

Even more fun: someone else may have done those. In public project, even Jim Carrey can pop in in your studio.


Someone with no sound will often hit all the button. Hence a frequent case when ASIO issues are solved but in the meantime Misguided tweaking happened. This can be devilish.



In some case setting a different buffer value in Ohm Studio than you did in you audio interface setup can crash it to the point it is jammed and need a reboot. That issue and the above makes it useful to regularly check with another software if the problem is within Ohm Studio or more general


My/some VST plugins don't show

Common reasons for not having a plugin in the list:

  • it's a 64 bit version (Ohm Studio only handle 32bits for now)
  • the name is not the one expected, but it's still there. Using search box on a part of the expected name generally helps
  • either the .dll is not the vst folder, or the vst folder isn't set up properly in ohm
  • forgetting to relaunch Ohm Studio after changing vst pref

Something that Red_Force has never witnessed:

  • the 32 plugin has been scanned but doesn't show





If your sent back to the dashboard, it's a disconnection. If you're sent back to the desktop (or worse) it's a crash. Main reasons for crash to happen:
  • plugin incompatibility: SynthEdit plugins or old unsupported plugins like FM7 are known to generate crashes, either immediately or after some use.
  • different plugin versions in the same project: plugin works if you're alone but if someone who has the same ones joins in  but with a more recent version,the  earth can explode. This is something to check quickly if you were working fine and now it crashes. To solve this, update your plugin (note: crash will not always occur. It's random).
  •  Bad buffer setting: if you put a different value in buffer setting in Ohm Studio audio preferences than you have in you audio interface setting, chances of crash are very good. If your audio card driver display latency in ms rather than in buffer, consider this table of conversion (provided you're running at 44.1 kHz)
    buffer ms
    64 1.5
    128 3
    256 6
    512 12
    1024 23
    2048 46
    4096 93
  • audio interface incompatibility: as mentioned above Scope audio interfaces are known not to work with Ohm Studio in ASIO but there may be more. That being said beta test has allowed to test and stabilize on many. If you think you're in this case, post on the forum.


Can't login

Ohmstudio needs the following port to be open for outgoing TCP connections:

Ports for outgoing connections are typically open by default and if you can't connect you'd better check your network settings (router or firewall). Click on the ports from the list above to test them. If the “Outgoing port tester” page opens, it works. If your browser stalls, this indicates that this specific port may be closed on your side for some reason.

Also note that over zealous antivirus can sometimes block some some important part of Ohm Studio. Deactivate them temporarily may be a helpful test. If positive, see your antivirus documentation on how to correct a false positive.



If your sent back to dashboard, it's a disconnection. If you're sent back to the desktop (or worse) it's a crash. A disconnection happens each time the server can't get a reply from your client for 30 seconds. This is typically either due to wifi issues (channel saturation, object moving in the field) or ISP hiccups. Note that Ohm Studio is way more demanding than your typical browser, especially on the upload front. So even if you're internet is working in general, it doesn't mean it's working enough for Ohm Studio. You'll be really testing your ISP with Ohm Studio!

Of course Ohmstudio server failure can also happen in theory but the beta has allowed us to reach a very good stability so far, so it shall not be your usual suspect.


My screen is blurry or fuzzy

This is due to your video driver setting (or some 3rd party GPU setting overrides). Make sure there is nothing forcing Ohm Studio to do AA (Anti Aliasing)


I can't even install Ohm Studio on my brand new computer!

Ohm Studio needs non generic graphic driver and/or direct 3D to be installed on your computer to even install. In some case a fresh install of your OS will lacks those. So just do graphic drivers first, then only ohm studio!



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