Odd Nights28 Mar 2013


The Rule: A marvelous emulation of an Arp OddisseyOddity has been voted (along with the Minimonsta) in a #top39 list of the best vst synths in the world (you can Ohm Studio comes with serious buddies). This weekend you'll use some of it in your collabs... Just join one or several collab project named "Odd nights: [patch name here]" and do a track using the available Oddity with its current patch. Opening on Friday night from 8PM to 2AM as allways to be sure to find both animator (ask Red_Force or Jamie on the chan if you feel you could use some help) and live people in the projects. Beginners welcomed (download here, setup audio and learn the basics here)!

(I am late on reporting from last week, I'll try to do a summary on this even & previous one next week)