28 years old. confirmed. Male. Premium. 



I'm the average guy, who took an interest in computers and DAW type music in 2006. I'm on the lookout for this type of DAW i used Cubase for a long time until it got too $$$ to keep getting next versions. My productions I hope would be interesting to some people. I have a website from which u can add my soundcloud/twitter. I will really be recommending this OHM software to all producers out there.
> www.rave-nation.com.au

Audio stuff

Akg D5 Vocal Mic
Signed Anderson Cooper News Mic
Q47 Panasonic Rr-xs410 4gb Ic Digital Voice Recorder
Behringer UMX-25
Citronic ST monitors
Asus Xonar Essence STX

Dj'ing on a Max 7003 mixer/Denon hs-550 media center or a Mc3000 with traktor Pro.

Yes I use a PC. I also have a show called Trance Tulips. Thursday..